Comic Review: Gwenpool

Another one! I had a very busy June so I enjoyed having these comic books to have a quick break.

Although Batgirl was a great surprise from DC and I thoroughly enjoyed it, Gwenpool fell on the other side of the spectrum.

This was another two volume attempt, where I hoped maybe getting over the hump of a first book would get the plot moving along and endear me to the overall story.

It didn’t.

I don’t know what I didn’t like overall about Gwenpool, maybe how she was supposed to be an “outside” person who was a fan of the comics suddenly sucked into this world with no abilities or skills. How she decided to take on this brand new world by becoming a vigilante, again with said lack of capabilities. Maybe it was her personality which was meant to mimic Deadpools recklessness but just seemed dumb with her.

Like – why was she in that world? Why did she have this specific slightly suicidal personality? Why did she not want to go back home? Why was she not using her knowledge of the universe to, I don’t know, do something – like get back home? How is it that she can afford these guns and outfits from the beginning with no money? Why is it when she meets Dr Strange she’s like – nah, not gonna go back home?? Also why is she not freaking the fuck out about how messed up that world is?

Then she tries to use the whole comic book “world”, as if it has set rules when usually the one who sets the rules are the writers and the writers can change chapter to chapter – As she should know for someone who is *such* a fan.

It was contrived, obviously meant to play on the fame of the Deadpool movie and get some of the attention from that franchise.

The plot was basically cameo-ing, either using big name superheros to bring some attention to this lackluster comic, but had no overarching story to it. Gwenpool is not personable or half as interesting as the person she’s meant to be copying. Her whole schtick about playing with the comic book as a genre is boring, we get it – types of writing have certain themes and tropes commonly used by male writers. Good job on pointing the obvious by not actually trying to change them or criticize their use.

Also it’s basically one useless, slightly damsel-y girl surrounded by competent men, so….. whatever.

(I was also super disappointed it wasn’t a resurrected Gwen Stacey from another Spiderman comic who, because of her death, was slightly loopy and became a vigilante.)

(I mean, maybe that’s just another version of SpiderGwen but that would have been awesome okay?)

Overall the comic was just not enjoyable, men should just not write women without having a woman co-writer. That’s my key takeaway.

Also what the hell Marvel? You have Ms Marvel and Thor but you can’t bother to do Gwenpool properly? You have the money to hire better writers or at least decent ones.

Last bit before I’m out – why doesn’t she have pants? Like… she obviously should have pants… she’s in New York… it’s not exactly warm there all year.

– Sugar Out


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