Comic Review: Batgirl

As I trudge through Hild, I took a break to read another comic series from DC in June. Although Catwoman was definitely a mess and a huge disappointment, Batgirl was a pleasant surprise.

I read two volumes and I have to say it was enjoyable. The character development was on point, the plot didn’t waver and didn’t add any unnecessary plot points or devices.

I enjoyed having a story filled with a majority of fleshed out and personable women, I also liked how Barbara didn’t turn into some kind of hipster pixie like some of the shows geared towards women have become. I liked her friendships and how she depended on others to be successful, this wasn’t some lone-ranger Batman copy, which was great. Batman can be super tedious, especially now when everyone is mimicking the whole “Dark Knight” thing.

Although the second volume did have some mistakes here and there, I did enjoy it as a follow up. The discussion of Barbara after the Joker’s attack, discussing her state of mind and also about physical disabilities, was insightful and I wish they had spent some more time speaking to these issues and how she dealt with them. That’s my criticism of the second volume, there is material there that could have gone on to the following volumes.

This could be the case though but, from where it left off, it doesn’t seem to be a conversation they would be continuing. I would love to be surprised though.

Overall, I would recommend it, it was a quick and good read and, along with Ms Marvel, is a definite buy.

– Sugar Out


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