Comic Review: SnotGirl

I got my stack of books from the library so I’ve decided to keep track of the ones I’m reading with some reviews, outside of our monthly selection.

The first volume I read was Snotgirl by Bryan Lee O’Malley, author of Scott Pilgrim, and Leslie Hung.

I was a bit wary starting this one as the girls at work hadn’t had any good comments to say when I told them I was reading it and, to be honest, I should have listened to them.

I don’t know what I read, don’t know the plot. Lottie is taking some allergy meds that, with alcohol, make her murderous? I think thats the plot? But then she gets off those meds, the girl Caroline, that she thinks she killed, is actually alive.

I should be more structured in my review. Let’s start with the main character.

Lottie is a fashion blogger who has allergies all year round, apparently, and is just fake. She gives terrible nicknames to her friends and doesn’t seem to have any interests, or family, to know of. I couldn’t like her or dislike her as she wasn’t an actual character. She has green hair, and that is the only defining piece about her. She is also pinning after a boyfriend, whom she is on a break with, but I don’t know why? There are no flashbacks to the relationship to explain it, and it just feels contrived. All girls pine after their ex-boyfriends!

The content of the book is another problem. The art is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but the story doesn’t compliment the hard work that was put in by the artist. Everything is just so…fake. Maybe that is the point of the comic, but at the same time. At least some research about fashion bloggers would be nice.

You can tell its written by a man who has no respect for the said fashion bloggers or the industry. There’s no effort to explain how this girl makes money, or what she does to pay her intern, who is the only POC in the book.

The storyline itself jumps from one time to another with no discernible reason. We go from sitting down with a police detective, who is obsessed with our main character btw, to a party 6 months later?

It ends on this whole cliffhanger that Lottie knows what Caroline did because she spoke to the detective, but… why? Who cares? Is this supposed to make me want to read the next one? Is that the best you could end on? WHATS THE TRUTH?? FIND OUT NEXT TIME? Ahaha…no.

Next – the rest of the cast:

Oh man, the stereotypes continue. There’s “plain girl”, who is apparently Lotties best friend, she’s bigger than the other girls and has a hot boyfriend who, of course, is cheating on her. Because plain girls don’t get to have a hot boyfriend without them being total douchebags right? Like what kind of message does that give to the girls who read these comics?

The other plain girl, Lotties ex-intern and apparent “stalker” (she’s not but YOU WONT KNOW WHAT SHE IS UNTIL THE NEXT ISSUE), is seeing Lottie’s ex-boyfriend but not really? He’s just stringing her along to all these cool parties to get Lottie jealous or I dont know man, they can’t bother to finish a thought in this comic. She’s actually a decent person, who tries to help Lottie at the end, but again… she falls victim to the terrible writing.

I’m not sure what the point of the comic was, to show the superficiality of the fashion bloggers? Which is harsh, as I follow a couple and they are lovely people.

How catty women are? – Great, let’s continue that message and not create one of women supporting other women….

All in all, not impressed and won’t be reading the next one. I shouldn’t be surprised this sort of storyline came out from a man who wrote about a guy having to fight all the exes of the girl he likes… as if she can’t make her own decisions in her life. Or that she’s not a prize to be fought over?

Anyway- will leave you with this last piece of ridiculousness from the comic: Lottie is 25 but has never been to a bar before. Oh no, she just goes to parties but has never physically stepped foot in a bar and had whiskey. Are you serious comic? Am I legit supposed to believe that?

-Sugar out


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