Book Review: Exit West


End of term means I have more time to read!! What a crazy year it’s been.

I selfishly chose books I was already reading for April’s selection, a couple of which I was mostly halfway through. The one that was chosen wasn’t the one I am currently reading, so it all worked out in the end.

While waiting for April’s book to be available at the library, I finished up Exit West and loved it.

A friend, I want to say graciously, but have to say aggressively shoved this in my hands after he finished it and demanded I read it as quickly as possible. As he mentioned “I finished it in one night”, but we still had classes and other responsibilities so I took a little longer.

Overall, I loved the book. I really enjoyed Mohsin Hamid’s writing. I’m not always a fan of interspersing the narrative with short scenes from other people’s lives, but it actually went very well with the overall theme he created.

The idea of doors, magical doors opening that bring you forward to new places, into being new/different people, or back, to the old, was very well constructed.

I also really enjoyed how he turned gender norms on their head and how he wrote Nadia in general. She’s such a human, you can feel all her faults and edges. She’s not a romanticised idea of a woman at all.

Saeed is also amazing, the depth of their character development in such a short story shows what good writers can do. I really enjoyed how the story was told as a love-story but ended up being so much more.

Definitely would recommend, I’m most likely going to buy this book and get another suggestion from my friend. Hopefully with my time being more freed up, I can write more of these reviews.

As always though – Sugar Out!


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