March Book Review

Monstress by Marjorie Liu


This one was a quick read, I ended up starting and finishing it today. I found the link to a site where I had access to it for free. Though I had purchased it online…

Overall, as it is the first volume, it was interesting. I’m not sure where it’s going with the story or the main character. It is beautifully drawn and features a cast of mostly female characters. I can’t fault it for leaving me full of questions and a cliff hanger, as it is a comic.  Which are all pros.

Cons –  I did have some overall problems with the story: there is no context or explanation over what is happening. We’re just dropped into multiple scenes, some of which are flashbacks, and are just supposed to go along with the ride.

It’s a bit of poor writing in that sense, you can still give some context while still following the main girl. For example, there’s a war that happened, got it, that must be where they got the slaves. However, there’s also treatised land that is shared between the humans and the ‘monster’ people, and yet the ‘monster’ people are being sold off as slaves?  And experimented on? From what they say as well, the war wasn’t just an easy victory, if a victory at all for humans. So…what? I’m really confused on how there are slaves… It’s not like they imported them across the ocean to be sold into slavery. It’s literally on the same continent from what I can tell.

I’m especially confused when it’s children being sold into slavery and killed. I highly doubt that stolen children would just be a solution for one teenage girl missing an arm to solve, or to save. Which doesn’t seem to be her intent anyway, which leaves me with even more questions.

There’s also witches, we don’t know how or why. Are they a mix of the human and monster? No idea. But they are there, they also have a lot of political power, I’m guessing because of their actual power. Yet, humans will allow these women to basically come in and do whatever they want, yet still exhibit the same powers as the monsters they fought in a war against? It seems kind of…unlikely.

Also I’m not sure why, but the artists have this thing about people losing their forearms.. they dont lose eyes or legs, not they all lose their forearms in some way. Maybe that’s supposed to mean something? But overall it just seemed kind of…unnecessary? Like that kid who was being eaten, wouldn’t she prefer to just take a bite out of him every once in a while, let him heal, and then bite him again?

TBH, I wasn’t too impressed, will most likely return the physical copy when I receive it for something else.

-Sugar out



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