December Book Review


Overall, this was a big disappointment. I have to echo my friend’s remarks about how it felt like it was a poorly and quickly written essay due the next morning.

There are many tidbits of information that felt completely useless to the narrative of who Phiona is and her story. In addition, I was looking forward to this being written by an African woman and the insights we get from her experience.

Instead it felt like… slum porn? Many moments had me stopping and feeling a bit awkward, and then I checked who the writer was (again I was under the assumption this was written by her or at least someone close to her). Finding out it was a white man writing it…yeah… it gave me that “Oh that’s why” realization on the problems I was having with the book.

I’m hoping the movie adaptation is better, not only because of the amazing cast, but also the director who is a WOC. I could be wrong though.

In general, I wouldn’t recommend this book. It was one I was looking forward to, but it was just so poorly written and it doesn’t do Phiona’s story any justice.

Sugar Out



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