Bookshop on the Corner review

So this book really made me want to visit Scotland. And go to a festival in a pretty dress. The atmosphere; of the the small town, the people, and the country, was all very well done, and a nice contrast to the busy and crowded city Nina comes from.

Coming from a bookstore owner’s view, and I’m sure people who haven’t owned businesses can pick up on this as well, the book sort of rubbed me the wrong way. I get that the business side of the store was not supposed to be the focus of the story, and that’s fine. The devil is in the details, however, and I found myself exasperated that Nina didn’t really consider an important point; where was she going to get a good supply of books to sell. That Nina picked up books, twice, that had been previously owned by people makes her a used book seller. But she doesn’t seem to see that.

Nina herself, was an interesting, if stereotypical, character, one that I could sort of identify with as she was also reading to fend off the world. However she also seemed rather selfish. From allowing her love interest to risk his job to bring her books  (a supply issue she should have considered beforehand), to insisting on involving herself in someone else’s home situation to be the hero, she needed to consider how her actions might not always be beneficial to others.

Honestly reading a book about books was fun; I found myself slightly dismayed to find that the author had not included a list of the books mentioned at the end. It was delightful every time Nina managed to find the exact right book for that one particular customer, and find her place in the small town as the book seller.


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