Comic Review: IronHeart

I loved this comic, I actually enjoyed it so much especially after Sex Fantasy. I really like Riri's story and I love how they're handling her. Her relationships are so complex and well-done. With her step-father, to her bestfriend and her mother. With this idea of her being a super-genius and the pressure it puts …

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Book Bingo: Born a Crime

As I wait patiently for both January's and February's book, I've chosen to start finishing up some of those books on my bookshelf. Born a Crime is one of them and I've been meaning to read this since December, when I first bought it. Trevor Noah tells us the story of growing up in apartheid …

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February Book Choices: The Romance Edition

Because if it's February, might as well read some terribly good/bad romance novels. I have assembled a selection ranging from various different sub-genres in romance and I leave it to you ladies to choose your poison. 😉 The Graphic Novel Romance: Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang Paris, at the dawn of the modern …

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